Investments in South Florida Luxury Properties


Unlike other investments, real estate is dramatically affected by the condition of the immediate area where the property is located – hence the well-known real-estate term, “location, location, location.” With the exception of a national or global recession, real estate values are affected primarily by local factors such as weather, lifestyle, school quality and property taxes. Based on these four factors, South Florida is the quintessential investment for high net worth individuals. My customers’ needs and expectations are varied. Whether it’s dockage for your prized yacht, an oceanfront retreat to escape the cold, a retirement home, or looking to add real estate in the sun to your portfolio, I am your expert eyes and ears in the community; seeking out the very best opportunities and saving you the time and frustration in identifying the perfect investment.The market data that I provide ensures that I can facilitate your negotiations and you can make a purchase with total confidence.

Contact me with your personal investment criteria and requirements. I may already have the perfect opportunity for you! For more information about what’s new in the South Florida Luxury Investment world don’t forget to check out my blog!

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